• Tuscany


    Ripa Buia is located in the heart of this wonderful region where hills of vineyards blend with olive groves and ancient farmhouses. The harmony and the elegant beauty of this landscape create an enchanting fusion of art and tradition.

  • Ripa Buia


    This holiday farmhouse is immersed in the typical undulating landscape, surrounded by rows of cypresses, grapevines and olive trees. The fact of being halfway between Florence and Siena offers the opportunity to know the flourishing countryside and the towns of touristic interest.

  • The holiday farmhouse


    Ripa Buia is a restored medieval village which preserves all its original features intact. Therefore, visitors will take the chance of reviving past splendour in this idyllic spot.

  • The nature of water


    The house overlooks a wide green meadow full of flowers, olive trees and vineyards. This gorgeous landscape ends in a swimming pool with its panoramic terrace, ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

  • Florence


    Florence is just 30 km away. It is widely regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and has been home to some of the most influential people in the history of arts and science. Due to its exceptional artistic heritage, it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  • San Gimignano


    San Gimignano reached its highest splendour in the Middle Ages. Its famous towers, visible from the farmhouse, stand out on a hill just 18 km from Ripa Buia.

  • S.M. Novella’s Castle


    Visitors will enjoy watching the medieval castle Santa Maria Novella from the panoramic swimming pool area. Destroyed and rebuilt three times, the castle is located in the highest point of Chianti.

  • Tuscan scenery


    The vineyards, the beautiful hills, the soft undulations, the silhouettes of cypresses, the country farms etc. are some of the characteristic features of this region that show the close link and the harmony between men and its environment.


Welcome to Ripa Buia!

Marcialla is magnificently located half way between Firenze and Siena. It is also close to S. Gimignano, Certaldo and Volterra. Bruna Cirri and her siblings, who are all keen on agriculture, have opened their home to those people eager to experience a different holiday in the heart of Tuscany.

Apart from being surrounded by an artistic and cultural territory, guests will also be able to enjoy our wine and olive oil.

The Anichini have been living in the farmhouse for innumerable years. The Torre, one of its most elegant apartments nowadays, is a remarkable evidence of urban architecture in 1200. This architecture was characterized by the so-called tower-houses which were more similar to fortresses than private homes. Without removing the required comforts, we have tried to enhance everything that reminds us of past life, including thick walls and old arches.

In the fabulous landscape that surrounds Ripa Buia with medieval little towns and the untouched fascination of countryside, visitors will observe how life in the countryside flows. Moreover, they will experience a different rhythm of life as soon as they walk along the resort and chat with those who work there. The holiday farmhouse is entirely run by the family who creates a warm and welcoming home environment.


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